STYLE GURU STYLE: Minimalist Magic

Both at work for a fashion company and in my personal shopping life, I’ve been noticing a recently developed pattern when it comes to clothes. Lately, colors have majorly faded into the background. In fact, many stars and retailers barely include them at all. Fashionistas are becoming masters of neutrals, creating a variety of looks from the same tan, black, white and gray hues. Retailers are selling less and less color, focusing in on muted colors rather than vibrant jewel tones. Nina Ricci’s resort 2016 collection makes a prime example, with airy coats and dresses in light tans and dainty pastels. I made it my mission to master this collection’s mixture of neutrals without looking boring and came out of the experiment with some trusty tips.

For starters, I made sure that none of my neutrals matched. While an all-black or all-tan outfit works well, a look’s difficulty factor gets upped by finding very different pieces that complement each other. As my central piece, I chose a gray blouse that actually borders on pastel blue. The soft color and fabric makes a classic but relaxed piece that will probably never go out of style.

I tucked the top into white linen pants, which are very simple but have intricate detailing up close. I love the pleated cuffs and the bow around the waist, both of which give the whole outfit more femininity. I’ve also been obsessed about the “half-tuck” lately, which keeps structured pieces from looking too stuffy. Letting half of my shirt billow out of my waistline keeps things youthful and fashion-forward.

With softer fabrics as a base, I chose to incorporate a third neutral and brown color in the form of a more striking leather bag and booties. Because the bag and shoes have very different textures and shades, they aren’t overly matching and contributes their own depth.

When the day cooled down, I topped the look off with a linen duster coat, which celebrities have recently made a must-have item. Perfect for early evening breezes and air conditioned offices, this coat is a flawless wardrobe addition! It instantly adds glamour to any outfit and makes a great final neutral layer.

Get My Look: 1. A chic duster coat. 2. Simple linen pants. 3. A soft, versatile blouse.