STYLE GURU STYLE: Minimalism Is More

Get down! Take cover! It’s gonna explode! I’m talking about your closets here, people. How many articles of clothing and pairs of shoes did you manage to lug up to college with you? If you’re anything like me, you brought as much as you possibly could, dodging various judgmental looks from your parents and peers. Now your closet’s bursting at the seams, and you’re sitting there justify it by saying, “These closets are just really small!” Yeah, I know the drill. I’m probably the worst clothing hoarder out there, so having to pick and choose clothes to bring with me to school each semester is a major struggle. There’s always the fear that something you don’t end up bringing will be exactly what you need. So how do we free ourselves of all of the excess, and still be assured that we’ll have what we need? Welcome to minimalism, my friends.

I discovered the concept of having a minimalist wardrobe when my tiny college dorm room inspired me to find ways to scale down my closet. Disclaimer: I HAVE NOT DONE THIS YET. As I said, my closet is at an ungodly maximum capacity, so don’t give me any unwarranted praise. Nevertheless, I’ve been interested in the idea of downsizing.

So what exactly does it mean to have a minimalist wardrobe? It basically entails investing in staple pieces, and limiting the number of items that you own while ensuring that the pieces you do have are extremely versatile (meaning you can mix and match them to create endless outfit options). In a way, we’re forced to maintain somewhat of a minimalist wardrobe when we come to school because we pick our favorite, most versatile pieces to take with us. We’re forced to practice minimalism even more so when we go abroad or travel, so it’s a handy concept to master!

Although I haven’t fully committed to minimalism yet, the seeds have been planted. It’s no secret that most of my excessive wardrobe is comprised of black, and some grey and white here and there. Having such a neutral wardrobe makes my clothing hella interchangeable. It’s also easy for me to take risks with certain pieces, like the houndstooth plaid, bell-sleeved turtleneck top I’m wearing in this look (what a mouthful). Because I kept the color scheme simple and paired the top with staple pieces like a black circle skirt and a black leather jacket, my look is unique, but isn’t over the top (well at least I hope not…).

Having such a neutral wardrobe also makes any pop of color extra special (peep my fuchsia lips)! I’d also like to point out that I’m successfully continuing to fight the system by prancing around in anything but jeans, even in the freezing cold (totally off topic, but I had to throw that in there).

So what are you waiting for? Freedom from your mountain of unnecessary clothing is calling your name! In the end, minimalism truly is more.