STYLE GURU STYLE: Minimalism and Deep V’s

I am a fan of minimalistic clothing. When clothes can stand out on their own with little help from accessories or excessive patterns, it shows that the designer had a clear vision in mind when creating their collection. Recently inspired by Victoria Beckham’s ready-to-wear fall 2015 collection, I came across a top I had recently purchased that had some of the same qualities. While her collection is focused more on neutral colors such as gray and beige, minimalism can still be achieved with color.

The main focus of this outfit would have to be the red crop top I am wearing. In Beckham’s collection she focuses on asymmetric folds and deep V cuts. This of course reminded me of my top since it is cut to overlap and create an inverted deep V towards the stomach rather than the classic V cut at the chest. While I did manage to keep the rest of the outfit minimalistic, unlike Beckham I chose to use different colors rather than sticking to a monochromatic palette. I paired the top with ripped black skinny jeans and destroyed gray heels. Lastly I added a triangle necklace to contrast with V cut top, but any simple necklace would work. I also love that this outfit brings in different textures through the faded shirt and rough jeans compared to the smooth finish of the shoes.

Working clothing with interesting cuts or that have asymmetric folds into your wardrobe can be difficult at first since they tend to hug the body differently than say a normal T-shirt, but it is completely worth it. Looking more at Beckham’s collection, her clothes speak for themselves and need no extra accessories to make them appealing.

Get My Look: 1. A solid color top with an asymmetrical cut or folds. 2. Ripped jeans. 3. A good pair of heels.