STYLE GURU STYLE: Minimal Utility

I absolutely love having items in my closet that I can wear time and time again. Steven Alan’s fall 2014 collection was the epitome of that thinking process, full of modern pieces that were functional without all of the added elements or details. It was the type of collection that could fill up your closet with basics so perfect that you would never have to worry about getting dressed again: that’s the type of fashion I love. I try to have as many interchangeable basics as possible. So when I was running late to class one day, I took inspiration from Steven Alan and put together some of my favorite basics for the perfect minimal look.

As with every great outfit, I started with denim. A nice fitting pair of black denim is the best piece to have in your wardrobe. Mine are cropped, skinny jeans that I wear almost daily. Next I added a fuzzy sweater. Although the fuzzy texture isn’t traditional, the silhouette and color make it easy to throw on with anything. Similarly, adding a unique texture breaks up the monochromatic color palette. The pair of light Converse gives the look a sporty feel while being very functional for running around campus. Lastly, I threw on a pair of classic aviator sunglasses to complete the outfit.

Separately, all of these pieces can be boring in their utility. However, I think there’s something nice about pairing them together for a simple yet refined outfit. Taking inspiration from Steven Alan’s collection, it’s a great way to feel cool and yet accessible for everyday wear. With a little work, paring down your closet to these truly functional pieces will make it easier to create outfits and quickly get dressed in the morning when you’re running late.

Get My Look: 1. Skinny black jeans. 2. A minimal sweater. 3. Basic sneakers.