STYLE GURU STYLE: Minimal Outcomes

The minimal trend is another trend in the fashion industry that never expires and remains constant throughout the menswear collections. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, my style is defined as classic, yet modern and colorful. I have such a fondness for color because it is the way that I express myself and give powerful fashion statements, and I really like the way several of these go with my skin tone. However, it is never too late to expand our personal style by trying and experimenting with completely new things.

In this final week of my summer internship with CollegeFashionista, I’ve decided to give things a final twist, as every satisfying ending should have. Since my style is composed of crisp and colorful looks, I discovered that the minimal trend had to offer the same simple elements, but without the colorful palette. This is why I mainly set my inspiration in two menswear spring summer 2015 collections: Calvin Klein Collection and Balenciaga. Both of these shows included clean monochromatic looks and embraced the minimal concept. For some reason I found these looks very tasteful and masculine, offering a classic, yet modern combination, which perfectly suited my style.

First and foremost, the reason I was inspired by both of these famed brands is that, even if minimalism is a new thing for me, the runway looks were classic and modern—this perfectly fitted my style. These striving looks are classic due to the used motifs, such as monochrome and suits. I love wearing suits when I go out to the streets and mixing them with simple shirts of the right color. However, minimalism brings in an overall simpleness that makes daily looks seem quite sophisticated and without the need of anything else. I started by wearing a white shirt, the most common used garment in minimal menswear, along with a gray tailored suit. Additionally, I decided to wear gray fitted pants in order for it to be monochromatic, but I intentionally mixed it with a darker gray shade. I did this because I believe that full monochromatic looks tend to be monotonous. To finalize my look, I also wore black ankle boots, these give the whole look a final touch of edginess. I also decided to finish off with my black watch, which complemented the colors and suited the whole minimal theme.

I really enjoyed experimenting with a new trend that is quite different from what I usually wear. This will certainly expand my personal style. What I loved the most about minimalism is that it is such an easy way to style anything, and it will still look as stylish and polished. Minimalism is straightforward and laconic. There’s no question that I’ll carry on expanding my minimal taste.

Get My Look: 1. Placket white shirt. 2. A gray blazer (best if tailored) with darker shade gray fitted pants. 3. Black ankle boots.