When looking at Valentinos’s pre-fall looks, you come across a ’70s inspired line, from the patterns to the pant style and mini dresses. The looks are simple and clean with lots of patterns. There is some embroidery and beading, which gives it a very delicate touch. The color palette is fall, but there are some touches of camo and outer space prints. I love it when a designer takes elements that are common to the season and adds something different that changes the whole look of the line. Valentino’s pre-fall looks are somewhat out of the box but still wearable. Most of the garments are looks that you can wear during the day. This makes it easy to translate these looks into everyday looks.

So how can we translate this designer look into our everyday wear? Take some of the more simple elements and add your own personal touch. A mini dress is easy to find and most of us already own one. Dresses are easy to dress up or down with what you add to your look. I decided to dress it down. I added a knit moto jacket and some flats. A different pair of shoes or outerwear can make this look more personal depending on where you’re trying to wear this to. Jewelry can also help you dress up or down. I went with some gold studs and a ring to keep it a daytime look.

Valentino’s pre-fall line made me remember that you can take something from a different time and add your own flare to it.

Get My Look: 1. A mini dress. 2. A knit moto jacket. 3. A pair of neutral flats.