A peach crop top, fitted camo pants, gladiator sandals and furry ball purse charms are all trendy wardrobe pieces. When I style all of these pieces together, I get one of my favorite summer go-to outfits. Pairing trendy pieces together is a great way to create a simple fashionable look.

As soon as I laid eyes on Ovadia & Sons spring 2017 menswear collection, I instantly was inspired. Menswear collections are great resources to pull ideas for you looks. And let’s face it, us Fashionistas steal our boyfriend’s, brother’s or dad’s clothes anyways. Ovadia & Sons used a color palette that included olive green, orange and military print. There were two looks in particular that motivated my outfit.

In my outfit, I stuck with the same color palette, but with my own spin. I opted for a peach shirt instead of orange. Also, my items were more fitted than those featured in the menswear collection. When it came down to my shoes, I grabbed my favorite sandals. Gladiator sandals are so cute for the summer. They may be a little difficult to slide on, but they are definitely worth it. Lastly, I had to get some furry ball charms for my purse. These charms are the best accessories for a simple and casual purse.

Trendy pieces are fun to add to your look. But most importantly, do not worry too much about the items going out of style. Just enjoy the stylish outfit.

Get My Look: 1.A peach crop top. 2.Fitted camo pants. 3.Gladiator sandals. 4.Furry purse charms.