STYLE GURU STYLE: Military Season

Hello there, Fashionista/os! It is summer, and this means I should have packed away all my warm clothing to make room for the fresh clothes of summer. Truth be told, that could never happen. I enjoy my warm wardrobe far too much for that kind of banishment. Lucky for me, many spring 2015 ready-to-wear collections are singing the same tune. As I browsed the web for some style inspiration, I noticed a trend. The Coach and Marc Jacobs collections focused their lines around the military trend, a trend I thought would disappear even though we are transitioning to warmer weather.

In an attempt to recreate the runway looks of Coach and Marc Jacobs, I began with my army jacket. I tied the jacket around my waist to make the look more edgy. I paired it with cargo pants from Levi’s and a denim shirt from Forever 21. I’m wearing a Cartier watch to make the look more classy.

I know it might be summer, but any Fashionista may need a warmer look for those less than scalding days. The solution to the look is simple. Just tie any jacket around your waist for a casual, chic look and to provide warmth when temperatures drop unexpectedly. Military clothing is a way to make a look more fun and give it a streetwear feel. Furthermore, this look is so versatile that you can use it for any occasion. See you next week.

Get My Look: A military jacket. 2. Cargo pants. 3. A denim shirt.