STYLE GURU STYLE: Military Influence

January 29th, 2015 at 2:10am

Marc Jacobs’ spring 2015 fashion show brought toughness to the runway. Jacobs managed to incorporate the toughness of a military uniform with softness to each one of his looks. Though he stuck to the usual natural color template often seen through out many of the military branches he added some dimension and variety to each piece. Softer fabrics, blunt cut bobs and embellishments worn by the models created a new style of uniform. When thinking of military inspired looks we often-think strong and structured pieces. Marc Jacobs clearly proved to us that this simply not the case. The Marc Jacobs spring 2015 show may be a bit unpractical for everyday but it definitely has inspired me to step outside of the box when it comes to trying out this trend.

The military style is expected to be a hit during the warmer months but I couldn’t wait until then to try out my version of this look. Inspired by Jacobs show I decided to give this look a try but in a more practical sense. I wanted to start off small but I went for it! It’s still cold here so I went for a warm piece that being my military inspired army green jacket. I added my favorite floral shirt and leopard socks for a touch of softness. I finished my look with a pair of brown ankle booties, a floppy hat and my go to pair of Levis.

Though this is a spring 2015 show and trend it has inspired me to try it out this winter. I now know that military inspired outfits don’t necessarily need to be stiff and structured. I’m definitely excited to continue this trend right on through into the spring season.

Get My Look: 1. An army green jacket. 2. Great ankle booties. 3. Floppy hat.