The Ralph Lauren spring 2015 ready-to-wear line was inspired by a mix between safari and military styles. Army green and khaki were some of the most prominent colors in the collection along with more luxurious shades such as amethyst and bright yellow. Large utilitarian pockets and military-esque buttons with silk and gazar garments were what largely made up Lauren’s signature show.

To incorporate this collection into my outfit, I threw on a long line coat in the perfect olive color. Believe it or not, this piece was actually a dress my mom owned in the ’80s, but I like it more as a coat so I wear it unbuttoned! By deciding on the central piece of my look, I was able to work from there and create the rest of my ensemble. Knowing at least one garment or accessory you positively want in your outfit helps when putting together an ensemble because you can add pieces accordingly.

To balance out the length of the coat I chose to wear shorts in a black and white floral print with a black tank top. The dash of pattern in an otherwise solid-color-only outfit spices things up and adds a summer vibe that completes the look. The fabric shorts also make the overall outfit slightly more casual and help tone down the structured look with the coat.

For shoes, I went with my black metal cuff sandals. A hint of metalware adds some edge and subtly contributes to the military inspired theme behind my look. My current favorite handbag happens to be in a neutral tone, nude, and I thought it complemented the olive shade of my coat. Everyone knows a classic black handbag is a must-have, but a neutral colored bag is just as important! In fact, this patent nude handbag has become a staple in my closet. My Maisy handbag by Pauls Boutique can be paired with almost any look and I love its structured shape; it’s classy and instantly dresses up an outfit.

All you really need to achieve the military look is a single piece to act as the central point of your outfit. A jacket or coat are some of the simplest options but you can always challenge yourself to try a dress or jumpsuit. Once you get the shade of green right, keep in mind the rest is all about pockets and belts!

Get My Look: 1. A long line coat. 2. Floral print shorts. 3. A nude handbag. 4. Metal cuff sandals.