As one of his biggest fans, I was beyond excited to see the Kanye West x adidas Original collection for fall 2015 during New York Fashion Week. Not only is Mr. West an ingenious musician and lyricist, but he also has one of the best eyes for innovation in the fashion world among current artists. Fashion is a clear passion for West, as he brings his eye for style into many of his songs and music videos. Many of his lyrics reflect his love for style and designer names: “You don’t see just how fly my style is? I don’t see why I need a stylist, when I shop so much I can speak Italian.”

West is no stranger to doing things his way, and his military style exhibition of Kanye West x adidas Original held true to his unique and out-of-the-box flare. As models stepped forward in rows mirroring military ranks, they stood and stared blankly as a blaring electronic chord droned on behind them.

The entire line of sportswear was heavily influenced by military themed style, which had my eyes wide with awe immediately. All of West’s models were in shades of gray, tan, green or black and wore simple and chic pieces; some even had small holes and tears. The combination of statement surplus jackets and dark sweaters with sheer tights and bodysuits made his overall look both aggressive and sweet; I became an instant fan (as well as a fan drooling for a pair of his Yeezy Boosts by the conclusion of the show). To imitate this look as best as I could, I paired my authentic camouflage jacket with as much sheer material as possible to create the same contrast in texture.

Get My Look: 1. Oversized army surplus jacket. 2. Faux thigh-high tights. 3. Mesh sleeve top.