In a palette of almost entirely olive green and black (which just so happen to be two of my favorite colors), Rebecca Minkoff’s pre-fall 2015 collection made a bold statement about simple, monochromatic looks, all while showcasing pieces that were beautifully coherent.

The olive green and black color palette was the first thing that stood out to me, but the thing that made me fall in love with her collection even more was the military-chic styles.

Cargo dresses with lace-up detailing, trench coats with gold-toned buttons and oversized pockets and leather skirts were just a few of the pieces used in my favorite looks. Each piece, whether it’s the leather skirt or the high-waisted sailor pants, is so versatile and can easily be incorporated into a casual everyday look or into a fancy nighttime outfit.

So after spending a little too much time looking at this collection, I rushed to my closet and searched for any military-chic pieces I could use to recreate the looks. After searching through all of my jackets, I found the most perfect military-inspired one from Denim & Supply.

Though the jacket was not olive green or black, the buttons and the gold detailing resembled the detailing on the jackets in Minkoff’s collection. Because the jacket and the detailing on it is already a statement in itself, I wanted to make it the focal point of my look, keeping the rest of the pieces simple.

So I paired my military-inspired jacket with my favorite dark wash Levi Brand Jeans. The jean material and the cream colored jacket complemented each other so well. By keeping the base colors of my outfit neutral, the gold-toned buttons and the detailing on the sleeves really stood out.

I, of course, did not forget to incorporate at least a little olive green into this look; I wanted the green to be subtle. So I decided to wear a pair of olive green high-heeled booties to add a little color. To complete the look, I wore a pair of Kenneth Cole New York long drop earrings and some dark purple lipstick—the perfect accessories.

Military-inspired looks have been popping up everywhere, but what I love about Minkoff’s collection is that it shows just how versatile the military-chic look can be. You can pair a leather skirt with a cargo top, or you can wear high-waisted sailor pants with an olive green sweater to create a military-inspired outfit—the possibilities are endless. So check out her show for some much needed inspiration before you fill your wardrobe with the latest military-inspired trends!

Get My Look: 1. A military-inspired jacket. 2. Olive green booties. 3. A pair of earrings.