When it comes to outfit assembling, practicality is often a driving force. Being in the midst of August, the heat leaves us constantly reaching for water and yearning desperately for a breeze to find its way to our sweaty brows. On top of being practical in terms of the temperature, us Fashionista/os want to be bold, push the envelope and turn heads with our style pursuits as we are preparing to return on campus this fall. We are young and crave offering our fresh attitudes and unique aesthetics to the canvas of this world, or more directly, of our schools. Luckily for us, the Versace spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection served as the perfect catalyst for functionality of design and innovation of style.

Deeply submerged between the looks of Versace’s collection is where inspiration sparked to construct a dual-service outfit of my own. It was riddled with exaggerated mesh materials, smock-like dresses and mid-thigh hemlines, all of which I saw as optimal to battle this summer’s heat. I also admired how amongst the blunt silhouettes and simplistic color palette, the looks still remained feminine, strong and flirtatious. I took specific fascination with look nine because: 1. The geometric, cage-like mesh appeared adventurously daring and 2. A mere glance created the illusion that a gust of wind was on its way to tickle my awaiting skin (thank goodness!).

To create my own version of this cool breeze look, I thread my body through an oversized, men’s mesh T-shirt I recently bought at H&M (disclaimer: mesh is transparent and wearing black shorts underneath is a good idea). Men’s clothing is so fun to experiment with, because it forces you to take a piece of clothing and interpret it differently than its original intent. I highly recommend it! Anyways, my go-to shoe would be a trusty pair of sneakers, but my Beyoncé playlist persuaded me to choose something more empowering: a pair of black platform booties. To add a touch of character to the look, I slipped on some scalloped, sky blue socks and pressed red rouge to my lips. To make this look your own, playing around with different shaped sunnies (perhaps circles, cat eyes or hearts) or different lipstick colors (maybe try reds, purples or nudes) could do just the trick!

Get My Look: 1. An oversized, mesh T-shirt. 2. A pair of black platform booties. 3. A fun lipstick shade. 4. A pair of personalized sunnies.