The hot weather is upon us and it’s time to transition to summer clothes. Shorts, skirts, sandals and of course crop tops will be taking over my closet for the next few months. It’s been a cool summer so far, so the pants and high-waisted jeans are here to stay. The best part about transitioning into a new season is being able to create new looks with the new clothes I probably shouldn’t have bought throughout the year. I just love a good end of season sale.

While thinking of new outfits to wear in the spring heat, I thought of what new trends I wanted to incorporate into my wardrobe. I’ve recently gotten into patterns and prints, while sticking to my usual color scheme of black and white of course. I wanted something new that would help me switch up my style, but still be me. A few trends that I’ve wanted to try recently are mesh and neoprene. I love how it gives edginess to whatever you’re wearing, and I would think they’re great materials to wear in the warmer weather. I then remember seeing a spring ready-to-wear collection that I was captivated by. It was ICB’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. The collection uses a mix of black and white, chambray and mesh. The relaxed look and blocking of the mesh just draw me in. I also liked the cool but simple looking gladiator sandals. After looking at the collection again, I knew this was the look for me.

Fortunately, I had a few clothing items that had mesh. This crop top that I’m wearing incorporates the mesh trend and an awesome pattern from a little artist known as Keith Haring. I love how the top is simple, but is also a statement piece. Instead of going for all black, I incorporated blue denim. The light color of the denim gave the shirt and my shoes a nice contrast. For my footwear, I chose a pair of gladiator sandals I recently purchased which went really well with the rest of the outfit. To top it all off, I put on a black choker and my favorite round sunglasses.

I really liked the way the outfit turned out, and I can’t wait to incorporate more mesh into my wardrobe. It’s fun to create new looks and reinvent your outfits every now and then. Next up is neoprene!

Get My Look: 1. Mesh shirt. 2. Gladiator sandals. 3. Round sunglasses.