While fashion shows for menswear spring 2016 have come to a close, the trends that they displayed should be anything but forgotten. Designers definitely brought their A game to the runway last month, with brands like Dolce&Gabbana, Tom Ford and Givenchy putting on some killer shows with stunning designs. I, myself, couldn’t help but check out Richard Chai’s collection after seeing Darren Criss, Joe Jonas and Colton Haynes sitting front row at his show (wishing that I could’ve been sitting there next to them). I really liked Chai’s cool and relaxed designs, but after browsing through some of the other collections, the menswear show that truly got my attention and caught me a little by surprise was Gucci.

If you’ve seen a Gucci show before, you know them for their jet-set designs and signature pieces that feature their iconic patterns. But for this show, designer Alessandro Michele put his own twist on the traditional, luxurious “Made in Italy” feel of Gucci’s designs. His creations married the brand’s classic style with an eccentric quality that is radically different than anything Gucci has put out before. Michele’s looks featured quirky items such as embroidered lace shirts, gold pants, loud printed tops and silk robes, all similar to things you might find in your grandmother’s closet. Even still, these pieces paired together with bold shoes and accessories made for looks that were a unique combination of young and old.

Taking inspiration from this reinvented, old-meets-new vibe of the Gucci show, I decided to try my own take on menswear. My look starts with an oversized men’s shirt that is long enough for me to wear as a shirt dress. The loud print and grandpa-ish style of the shirt go along perfectly with the theme of Michele’s designs. When I first got this shirt it had sleeves that hit my arms at an awkward length, so I customized it by cutting off the sleeves. To make the shirt a bit more wearable, I pair it with a brown leather belt that cinches at my waist, giving it a more feminine shape. I add an off-white beaded necklace peeking out from under the collar of the shirt, along with a gold statement ring to accessorize my look. Finally, since I don’t have any glittery sneakers or floral printed loafers like those in the Gucci show, I opt for some neutral sandals to finish my look.

Yes, Michele went all out with crazy patterns and unique textures in this latest menswear collection, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take some of the trends he illustrated and incorporate them into your own wardrobe. You can definitely tone down these trends by choosing just one or two bold grandma-inspired pieces to work with in your look, and you’ll have an outfit that looks like you stepped off the Gucci runway, but is still great for everyday wear!

Get My Look: 1. Oversized men’s shirt in an eye-catching print. 2. Skinny belt. 3. Chunky beaded necklace.