Fashion for many is about creating the next best trend. But to me, fashion is about disrupting current trends and constantly keeping people on their toes. It’s about showing a piece of your personality in your appearance. It’s about being entirely unapologetic. This is exactly what Heidi Slimane, creative director of Saint Laurent, never fails to do. Originally I was solely drawn to the signature Saint Laurent bags and booties, but recently I’ve been amazed by what new pieces and looks Slimane has brought to the brand. Since his time at Saint Laurent, he’s turned the brand upside down.

Lately I’ve been inspired by the edgy, rocker, menswear-esque style of Saint Laurent’s pieces. Those especially in the fall 2015 ready-to-wear show in Paris. The show was full of glam-rock vibes that paired well with the Parisian history of the brand. From tweed jackets, suspenders, leather leggings and, of course, choker necklaces, the collection appealed to the masses.

My go-to look is often times pretty minimal, but lately I’ve been taking a lot of inspiration from menswear and the edginess of Saint Laurent. For this look I decided to keep the color palette simple and neutral. I started with my simple white button-up tucked into my favorite pair of Topshop denim finished off with a black leather belt. Throwing on a puffy jacket is easy when the weather is this cold, but because I was going for a Saunt Laurent-inspired look, I threw on my tweed jacket. To finish off I turned my skinny scarf into a choker necklace, much like the way Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner rock thick chokers. The look is edgy yet simplistic and put together—perfect for class, internships or a night out.

Get My Look: 1. Any pair of black skinny-jeans. 2. White button-up. 3. Tweed jacket. 4. Skinny scarf or choker.