It’s time to break old fashion rules that you can’t wear different shades of the same color. For this week’s outfit of the day, I was inspired by the meaning of summer. It would’ve been easy to slip on some nude strappy sandals or simply black pumps, but then I realized, why not be the brightest one in the street? I mean, it’s summer, and you want to showcase everything you love about summer and fashion, so a yellow dress and yellow heels, sounds like a little too much, but it actually makes for an adorable outfit.

Much like look 30 in Diane von Furstenberg’s spring 2015 collection, my outfit brought together different shades of one naturally vibrant color and synchronized them to be surprisingly calm and light. The dress is my favorite because I am obsessed with the pattern. Surprise surprise, Zara provided the show-stopping shoes as well. Bright colors are hard to wear, and even harder to complement. But don’t think you can’t wear two shades of the same color. It helps to get two colors that are significantly different in shade. If you want to wear blue, grebe a cerulean dress and throw on sky blue d’Orsay flats. Try not to get the colors to close together because it might come off looking like a canvas painting project gone wrong. Be different, be smart and be fashionable! And don’t be afraid to be as bright as the day in what you wear.

Nothing says summer more than actually wearing it. This dress is a tricky thing to wear after the spring and summer seasons because of its vibrant color, so it’s best to wear it and show it off as much as possible! To change up the dress, grab your favorite suede cross-body and cube heeled black sandals and you’re good to go for a night on the town!

Get My Look: 1. Dress. 2. Shoes. 3. Handbag. 4. Bracelet.