STYLE GURU STYLE: Master of Cool

STYLE GURU STYLE: Master of Cool

In fashion, draped clothing and lots of layers has become somewhat of a cliche. For someone whose wardrobe is practically based off of that description (me), this is not good. And while not all soft, layered looks are completely “over,” there is a fine line separating what looks good and what is overdone. When this line is approached, I find that it is usually best to look to the professionals. In this case, Haider Ackermann is a master.

Ackermann has always been one of my favorite designers and his spring 2015 collection did not let me down. While his signature look is clothing layered to the nines, this season’s show was considerably more simple. That’s not to say there was no layering at all; in fact, some of the best looks were several pieces deep. However, the real star of the spring collection was the loose, flowing silhouettes—a flowing pink tunic, long, sweeping jackets and relaxed, silky trousers. Contrasted with structured belts and edgy leather pants, each outfit had the perfect mixture of softness and precision.

To emulate this look, I went for the obvious. The staple piece for my outfit was a flowing black blouse—loose, soft and drapey in all the right ways. In contrast, my black leather leggings provided an edgier, fitted silhouette to ensure that the ensemble wasn’t too relaxed. I decided to put my own twist on the Ackermann-inspired outfit and threw on some colorful sneakers, adding a pop to my otherwise dark look.

With draping and layers, it is easy to get carried away. So when the temptation to fall into the cliched trap arises, resist the urge and turn to Ackermann for inspiration. With his beautiful clothing as your muse, it is impossible to look anything but tastefully in style.

Get My Look: 1. Drapey top. 2. Leather pants. 3. New Balance sneakers.