STYLE GURU STYLE: Mash-Up, But Don’t Mess Up

STYLE GURU STYLE: Mash-Up, But Don’t Mess Up

I’m a person who likes to take challenges with the only exception in challenging myself to try a completely different style. I’m hesitate to step outside my comfort zone because, as I emphasized in my Style Guru Bio, I believe that fashion is a way of self-expression that helps to highlight one’s characters, and my current style has represented my personality so well. Although I envision that one day I may experiment with different styles and things I’ve never tried before, for now I’ll insist on my style code which consists mainly of three elements: neutral, minimal floral prints and mix.

The magical effects of mash-ups can be seen in Zadig & Voltaire’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection. There’s fringed suede, denim and viscose studs. Creative director Cecilia Bönström cleverly created a youthful, yet professional vibe with mixed prints and textures. Whether it be embroidered denim skirt with print bomber jacket or white cotton dress with fringed suede jacket, Zadig & Voltaire’s spring collection guarantees you a simple, yet polished look. The choker remains firmly in trend and they’re seen in almost every look of the collection. Whether thick, thin, black or colored, this must-have accessory can always freshen up the outfits.

Despite the great similarity that existed between my own style and the overall look of Zadig & Voltaire’s spring collection, I still find a lot to learn from Cecilia Bönström’s design. For my look, I took this runway inspiration of mixed textures and opted for a sleeveless top and denim shorts. The sleeveless brooch top is not only comfortable to wear because viscose has great breathability, but it also help to create an effortless style. Instead of wearing the trendy choker, I decided to complement my look with another popular item of the year, the white sneaker. The sneaker added to the laid back vibe of the outfits, and its black suede back counter echoes the color of the top.

To stay cool in such hot and humid Shanghai, a pair of sunglasses is a necessity. The gold wire-framed Gentle Monster sunglasses echo the gold brooch of the top which perfects my summer look.

Cecilia Bönström once said, “When you’re comfortable, you feel sexy and at ease. When you’re not comfortable, it becomes complicated.” Wearing what we feel comfortable and what best represents our characters is fashion after all.

Get My Look: 1. Sleeveless brooch top. 2. Cut-off denim shorts. 3. White sneakers.