STYLE GURU STYLE: Making Florals Groundbreaking Again

“Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” Meryl Streep’s character, Miranda Priestly, sarcastically rejects the idea of floral patterns for the spring edition of runway magazine in the infamous movie The Devil Wears Prada. I hate to break it to you Mrs. Priestly, but florals for the spring have been very groundbreaking within the past two spring seasons and they’re here to stay!

I haven’t always been a fan of florals. We grew apart as I got older, because I always felt like a little girl when wearing the same floral sweater. Thankfully, Chanel and Alexander McQueen talked me back into giving the ever-so feminine pattern a second chance.

Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld caught onto the memo for the Chanel spring 2015 couture show by pulling out all of the stops. Lagerfeld transformed the runway into a make-shift greenhouse with giant flowers blooming from ground to ceiling which was featured in the middle of the runway. Guests were seated in a circle around the runway as the models poured out in colorful ensembles which included floral details. As I watched Kendell Jenner walk the runway in a mid-length floral skirt, I fell in love with florals again.

At first I only saw small details of flowers on cable knit beanies. As the show progressed, I saw more floral patterns in mid-length skirts and in the classic tweed ensembles. Then I saw it, a light pink sequined coat covered with a bright pink and red flower clusters with a matching A-line skirt. This coat became my inspiration for the next few months; I was obsessed! Once I finally found a version of the Chanel coat that didn’t cost this poor college student her first born child and her left leg, I finally knew what love was.

Since my coat is so bold, I made that the focal point of my outfit and choose jeans with small, white dots that accented the coat. While my blouse was simple, I used a white blouse to complement the colors on my coat. My shoes matched the red in the coat, but added a bit of versatility to the feminine look with gold studs around my feet. I decided to keep my earrings and shoulder bag simple to not distract from the coat.

Yes, everyone knows that florals are so spring, but I cannot wait to wear this coat in the fall with a thin white sweater and jeans on campus. This jacket is lightweight, comfortable and so great for any season that even Miranda Priestly would be wearing florals for spring.

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