STYLE GURU STYLE: Making a Bomb(er) Look for You

To keep up with the latest trends, I always try to stay up-to-date, by following different designers and their lines. For example, I love Alexander Wang’s work and he’s one of my favorite designers. Wang’s collections reflect his inspiration of the street style of New York City. From basics to chic backpacks and purses to cutout heel booties, Alexander Wang’s pieces are a common sight on the city streets of New York City and Boston. Recently, Alexander Wang’s pre-fall runway collection caught my eye. In order to make this runway look more approachable, I decided to recreate an outfit from the collection and translate it into a casual outfit for winter. Wang’s line features: striped tights, fun platform heels and a focal point on outerwear ranging from leather jackets to bomber jackets.

I styled this look from the runway to everyday, by wearing a green bomber jacket. Since, the sleeves of Wang’s layered parka matched my new favorite bomber jacket. Underneath the jacket, I wore a black basic turtleneck. Instead of the striped tights, I wore blue skinny jeans which are perfect for a daytime look. Tying this grunge look altogether, I wore some Dr. Martens boots, carried a simple, black leather purse and added a black ribbed beanie from good hYOUman.

There are many other variations to this look. For instance, you can dress it up with a black dress, striped tights and clunky heels. Then, keep the bomber jacket or replace it with a longer one. For even more of an urban look for errands or class, a leather baseball cap, a white turtleneck, a black bomber jacket and leather leggings would work as well.

Get My Look: 1. My blue gray bomber jacket. 2. A beanie. 3. Any basic long sleeve T-shirt or turtleneck.