STYLE GURU STYLE: Make A Statement

Following the runways of many designers, I’ve realized that while they’re trying to get their work noticed, at times they just want their voices to be heard. The one line that really brought this message out loud, and clear was Virgil Abloh’s Off-White fall 2015 spread of designs.

If you get a chance to read more about why he designed his pieces the way he did, you’ll understand that he wanted to make a statement, and it’s inspiring.

His line was a mix of neutral whites along with earthy tones of brown and green with a splash of black and blue. It was all about the clash amongst design and fashion, getting these to form a visually enticing message all in one.

I took inspiration on the fact that our outfits should make a statement and we should be bold! Your outfit clearly states your feelings or what you believe in in the way your accessories were designed or the way your outfit pops as a whole. Statement pieces are called that for a reason, so grab them out of your closet and go show the world your true colors!

I’ve always enjoyed summer and the idea of a tropical environment since I was born in Central America, even though I can’t bear the humidity. I tried to bring out my tropical love with this awesome palm print crop top. Matching it with my white pair of Levi’s. Of course, I couldn’t forget my Baboutit purse. I had to keep the play of white and black in my outfit going which was all inspired by Virgil Abloh’s line. I topped off my look with a neutral toned pair of gladiator sandals, a denim vest and these fun sunglasses because if my outfit wasn’t going to make a statement, my accessories sure were.

Get My Look:  1. Black and white ensemble, 2. A statement accessory or bag. 3. One or two pieces with more of a neutral color palette so your outfit is not overbearing.