STYLE GURU STYLE: Magnificent Monochromes

Elie Saab and monochromatic are as synonymous as Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl (the best show in television history). In fact, Blair even wore an Elie Saab gown for her wedding; it was monochromatic and absolutely stunning.

The Elie Saab spring 2015 couture collection this season was just as beautiful. The runway was filled with gowns in gorgeous blush tones and peachy hues. They glistened, glittered and were overflowing with texture: lace, feathers and fluttering organza in particular. Scrolling the looks made me fall head over heels. While I can’t quite manage the price tag of a haute couture Elie Saab confection, I was inspired to recreate similar trends in my own budget-friendly way.

For this outfit, I opted for a blush colored skirt with layered strips of lace and crochet. It’s one of my favorites. To keep my legs from falling off from the cold, I added a thicker pair of black tights and some beige striped socks (who says you can’t mix neutrals?). I paired them with an adorable pair of booties. On top, I chose to keep it monochromatic with shades of pink and blush. I wore a cream colored pleated camisole, a pale lavender cardigan and an airy printed scarf to tie everything together. I was really inspired by all of the contrasting textures in this collection. Layering them adds interest that is sometimes lost when you’re covered in one color. In my opinion, they’re anything but boring.

My advice? Monochromes are a unique style and definitely a huge trend this season. Try springy pastel colors, or if you’re really daring, go brighter. I recommend lots of texture, whether it’s lace, pleats, beading or all three. However you choose to wear it, you’ll never be overlooked in such magnificent monochromes.

Get My Look: 1. A beautiful textured lace skirt. 2. A matchy top. 3. Some fabulous little beige booties.