If wearing fur coats and silk garments all of the time was an option, I would do so. I drew inspiration for this outfit from Ulyana Sergeenko’s fall 2014 couture collection. I adore how the ensembles mixed furs with delicate satins and silks while introducing leather elements, as well. Seeing luxurious, feminine fabrics paired with “masculine” fabrics was really quite aesthetically pleasing. This designer has balanced out her collection with equal parts    edgy and elegant. I also took notice of how the collection has both muted, pale tones and bright bold ones. I played with this concept while constructing my color palette.

Although, I did not go with Sergeenko’s selections of color. Instead, I chose my favorite color—chartreuse—to be the star of the show. While others might describe it as “that putrid green shade” I have a deep love for it. I selected a lacy babydoll dress, which bears a striking resemblance to a vintage night slip. I love monochromatic color schemes, so I used my pale, mint green Topshop purse for this outfit. Then, I matched my nude wool hat with the tones in my faux fur coat. To keep the ensemble from being too feminine, I wore my matte black Dr. Martens.

Overall, this outfit has a grungy, yet sophisticated, vibe. I enjoyed creating something that mixed modern styles with vintage textiles. Matching rich fabrics with contemporary looks  can really create an outfit that will catch everyone’s eye.

Get My Look: 1. A cropped faux fur coat. 2. A satin babydoll dress. 3. A floppy wool and leather trimmed hat.