I have never been afraid to stand out. My style is not always fresh off the runway, in line with the weather or up to date. However, as Lilly Pulitzer said, being happy never goes out of style. I try to emphasize that as long as you are happy with what you are wearing, you are well-dressed. Combining happy and trendy has always been a personal struggle of mine.

Taking inspiration from the Baja East resort 2016 collection, I was able to pair renewal of the classics with the latest trend: loose clothing. Baja East was founded not even two years ago and it has already been dubbed the next “It” label. The description on their website was too good to leave out: “Blurring the lines between mens and womens, they take an ambisexual approach to everyday dressing where west coast ease meets aggressive city cool.” With my home in such close proximity to New York City, I definitely feel that street sensibility is a necessity; but my personality is much more laid back. This collection totally embodies the Baja East “loose luxury” global aesthetic and is easily adaptable for a college Fashionista’s budget.

Looking at this collection helped me realize that patterned pants, a favorite article of mine, are not limited to being paired with tight tops. In the spirit of reinvention, I paired my new harem pants with a patterned Delia’s crop top, layered with the jean vest I have had since middle school (I wish I was joking). To add to the look, I wore a studded wide-brim hat, a necklace that has just enough of a presence to make a statement and my staple gold rings. I added a pop of color with bright, but not too bright, nail polish colors.

Altogether, this look makes me feel comfortable and confident. I am happy with the stylishness, and affordability, of bringing back the denim look while encompassing a new trend, loose pants, while still adding a splash of my personality with an attention-grabbing hat, necklace and lipstick color.

Get My Look: 1. Any pair of pants, harem or flare. 2. A classic jean vest. 3. A statement necklace.