STYLE GURU STYLE: Loose Layers And Casual Flare

Pre-fall is always an exciting season for fashion. It’s filled with the newest trends and pops of color, all while staying warm for the cooler temperatures. I was checking the newest runway shows and I noticed a lot of the same things going on in each of the very different collections. Menswear, off-the-shoulders, layering and super loose clothing were all the rage. Although one collection in particular caught my eye: Elizabeth and James. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the fashion queens, have always been an inspiration for me and their contemporary clothing line never lets me down. The “casual-meets-luxe” style is heavily presented in this collection. The clothes look so comfortable, yet still look professional. I love the baggy elements to all of the looks and the hints of male inspired coats and hemlines. Even if you don’t like the oversized layers, you can always take an element from the look and pair it with something tighter like leggings or jeans!

I already took on the trend of the looser hemlines and baggier clothes, so my outfit’s components were already in my closet. I had never thought to incorporate them all into one look! I paired some wide leg slacks and my go-to black swing dress with an asymmetrical hem. To bring in a menswear element, I layered a white linen button-down under my dress and topped it all off with black oxford flats. Feel free to glam up the outfit like I did by adding a statement necklace. You’ll probably catch me wearing these trends well into spring!

Get My Look: 1. Wide leg slacks. 2. Black swing dress. 3. White button-down. 4. Black oxford flats.