STYLE GURU STYLE: Long and Floral

STYLE GURU STYLE: Long and Floral

The Alexander McQueen spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection: all about keeping it simple, yet still pretty. The collection achieves this by adding feminine details such as florals and long lengths while giving each look its own unique spin. This collection really is all about the details—the details add to the beauty of each look, and give the collection as a whole an overall cohesiveness. Each look is different from the last, but all still resemble each other in some way, whether in the length, color or fit of each piece.

As I said, I really loved the beauty, dreaminess and details designer Sarah Burton added to this collection. I incorporated this feel into my look by playing with my skirt length and adding details throughout my outfit anywhere I could.

The knit crop top I wore in these pictures, with its open back, is a perfect example of how small details can make a huge impactthe one cutout allowed the outfit to be that much more appealing and feminine. Another small-yet-noticeable detail I included were the stacked bracelets. Usually in a look, you tend to think of most “details” as being in the garments themselves, but sometimes jewelry can go a long way and support the outfit in a very positive way. The multiple colors in the bracelets reflect the colors in the skirt and complement it well.

Burton kept this McQueen collection simple, and I wanted to channel that same simplicity  in my look. Though at first it might seem as if my outfit has a lot going on,  it was very easy to put together with really only two pieces. An does not always have to be a plain top or a neutral-colored dress to be defined as simplistic; It can be as “simple” as putting two easy pieces together to make a one-of-a-kind outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Knit Crop Top 2. Flowered Maxi Skirt 3. Stacked Bracelets