The most remarkable thing about fashion is that it can allow you to time travel. Fashion trends can allow you to live vicariously through any decade. It is fascinating to see trends that resurface after years of being extinct. Trends that your parents once wore, and you thought to yourself, “how gross!” Once upon a time my mother was a “hipster” and now I see myself dressing in the same manner. I am very sure that this is not something you inherit, it is just the mysterious ways in which fashion resurfaces their “lost files.”

One of the many older trends I had the pleasure of experiencing is the “logomania” trend.The designers behind this trend, Tigran Avetisyan and Dasha Selyanova flaunt their spring 2015 Collection this trend as cool. Although in the past it may have seemed tacky or unoriginal, it is now being flaunted as “cool.” A logo just helps to advertise a brand, and it is a very good way to advertise a product. This way the consumer can visually see right away what that brand is. The designer’s used vibrant colors to really emphasize the logos or words printed on the clothing. Throughout, the collection you will notice a common theme of oversized clothing, resembling the 1990s street fashion. 

As for myself, I recreated the “logomania” trend using a Calvin Klein denim baseball cap and a Canadian hockey jersey. The Canadian jersey is an excellent example because it emphasizes the logo which is, the Canadian flag to advertise its brand, Canada. I imitated Vogue’s logomania runway look by choosing clothing that really emphasized their logos. I made sure that the logos were very visible and bold. I even paired my outfit with New Balance sneakers, which have there designated “N” as their logo. I may have gone a tiny bit overboard with the logos, but that was my intention, hence the “mania” part. Attire like this will allow you to stand out from the crowd. Be bold!

Get My Look: 1. Calvin Klein denim hat 2. Canadian hockey jersey 3. New Balances 4. High-waisted shorts