STYLE GURU STYLE: Little Black Everything

While abroad in Copenhagen last semester, I fell in love with Danish style, which consists prominently of black clothes. The Danes rock the all-black ensembles with such ease and elegance that it soon became all I wanted to wear. The secret to their success, I believe, is that the pieces they choose are stylish shapes and textures. They wear leather jackets, hip sneakers and ankle-length jeans with exposed zippers. With no variation in color, it’s how they keep their looks interesting.

Vera Wang proved to be a master in this department, as well, with her pre-fall 2015 collection. Scrolling through the 34 looks of the collection actually reminded me quite a bit of what I saw on the streets in Denmark. Most of the pieces in the collection are black, but Vera Wang plays with proportions and materials in every single look. There are different layers of opacity in the dresses and skirts. There are menswear pieces followed directly by silk gowns. There’s a use of leather, fur and sequins, and they all mesh together.

This all inspired me to break out an all-black ensemble featuring some varied pieces. I went with a pleated, high-low skirt and simple crop top. I threw on my flannel headband, suede booties and leather purse to add more textures and points of interest. I love a good all-black outfit because it’s fairly easy to put together and it always makes me feel fierce.

Get My Look: 1. An accordion pleated skirt. 2. A crop top. 3. Black booties.