Having grown up in New England, I have always had a certain appreciation for the warmer months of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some “sweater weather,” but the idea of walking out of my house without worrying about layers is ideal. This kind of positive attitude for warmer weather doesn’t always translate well into my fashion choices. If a pair of jeans looks better with a top I’ve selected for the day and it’s 80+ and sunny, it looks like I’ll be a little hot that day. I’m not one to choose comfort over visual appeal.

Because I have this stubborn attitude, I am always seeking out garments that use light-weight and breathable materials for the summer season. After completing a textiles course, I formed an appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into making various pieces in a collection. I now pay close attention to detail, rarely spend time in the mall and I can recognize an original concept from a copy.

One approach that has always fascinated me is the use of laser cut fabric. The design possibilities amaze me because with the use of technology and a creative mind virtually any design can be cut. In an effort to use this in my summer wardrobe, I looked to ZAC Zac Posen’s 2016 resort collection. In several of his looks, he referenced this approach through intricate detail and color. I was especially drawn to Look 20 because of it’s fun color palette.

In order to brave the heat while still rocking this trend, I looked for a loose-fitted and bright top that paired nicely with my dark wash skinny jeans (which are fading out of style & I’m low-key freaking out). Because I was outside for the entirety of this day, I made sure to bring along my reflective sunglasses and comfortable sandals.

Get My Look: 1. Any garment with laser-cut detail. 2. A simple piece that works to complement the laser-cut option. 3. Sunnies for the summertime.