At first glance, my grungy ’90s rock band outfit may not totally resemble the looks in the Comme des Garçons fall 2015 menswear collection. Rather than replicating the looks as a whole, I chose to focus my interpretation on one key element—leather. I was inspired by the way in which Rei Kawakubo used leather pieces among patterns in order to play up texture (check out look 18 in the collection for a perfect example).

I translated this into my outfit with a pair of faux leather pants, a plaid flannel and a denim vest. These three distinct textures create a simplistic yet attractive ensemble; it appears well planned and thought out, yet only really consists of a few pieces. That’s the beauty of mixing textures! It also makes this kind of outfit perfect to throw on in the mornings for class. I finished off the look with a trusty pair of black boots and a classic JanSport backpack. Yes, it’s still freezing in New York, so I’m sporting my minimalistic black coat and a beanie.

Don’t feel limited to only searching through womenswear for style inspiration. While I do enjoy rocking the occasional crop top and heels, I’ve always felt a strong pull towards masculine or androgynous styles. My everyday outfits may often have hints of femininity, but they are generally comprised of pieces that would be considered more unisex.

This idea goes in and out of style—just like any other trend—but has been making its most recent comeback within the past few years. Fashion is still one of the most overt ways in which gender is showcased. However, I feel as though gender fluidity is more commonly accepted among the world of high fashion. I am forever intrigued by this concept, so I am constantly seeking ways to experiment and incorporate this into my own personal style.

Get My Look: 1. Vegan leather pants.  2. Plaid button-up shirt.  3. Oversized denim vest.