STYLE GURU STYLE: Let's Take It International

Valentino’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection is filled with crazy patterns and wild colors. It marks the beginning of spring 2016 as a time to bring out your favorite designs and patterns. Featuring, both bold, long and short dresses in this collection, it demonstrates a new character to the clothing. A character in the clothing that forms a unique statement about each style, each style illustrates its own diverse beauty. With this diverse beauty is a sense of sophistication in the collection. With the dresses mainly having high necklines, whether being simple chains or designs it adds a sense of sophistication to the collection. This sophistication makes Valentino’s collection haute couture, instead of merely a simple dress. This collection also brings out an almost international flare to the dresses, demonstrating the beauty behind worldly fashion.

By focusing on this idea of international beauty, Valentino shows the beauty behind all cultures and incorporates it into different styles to be worn by all. The high necklines and cuts resemble a Grecian style, just as the bright and beautiful, flamboyant colors show an African beauty to his collection.

To translate this collection, filled with such international beauty, into my own style, I focused on transforming this look from a spring look into winter wear, due to the harsh climate conditions I was working with.

Taking the bright oranges and reds that were sporadically filling the collection, I incorporated these colors into my look with a cheerful colored button-up shirt. To illustrate the elaborate necklines in the collection I used a complex, gold chain necklace. To add the variety of designs in the collection, I chose skinny jeans with a light pattern on them. Adding a polka-dot, kate spade purse to this outfit, showed off the complexity, yet simplicity of the designs.

To establish an international vibe in this outfit, I incorporated a bracelet from Prague and amber earrings from Poland, where I had studied abroad in this past summer. By using this international jewelry it adds to the idea of international beauty. To finish off this look, all is needed is a black peacoat and a pair of designer boots to face the harsh winter in style- face it in Valentino’s style that is.

Get My Look: 1. Brightly, colored button-up shirt. 2. Patterned pants. 3. Gold chain necklace. 4. Designer purse.