STYLE GURU STYLE: Let's Go Back to the '60s

August 4th, 2015 at 9:19am

Whoever said that the ’60s were over clearly didn’t see Anna Sui’s spring 2015 line. If I could describe Anna Sui’s 2015 line it would be a peek into every ’60s Fashionista closet—it’s that good. The ’60s are back in full force, my fellow Fashionistas/os, and this couldn’t be a better time for it to be back, so pull on your kick flares and don those oversized sunglasses because I’m about to teach you how to achieve this ’60s dream look.

A floral dress with an asymmetrical hem, a chambray shirt, lace-up sandals and, to top it off, over-sized sunglasses—with these lovely items I was able to achieve my inspiration look from Anna Sui’s spring 2015 line. What I noticed when watching her line was that almost every other outfit that she presented had a very cool retro print that wasn’t necessarily paisley and that there were a lot of dresses in her line, and with that I knew what I had to find.

When trying to translate this look into my closet I had to find the perfect dress that had a very retro print so that way it looks like it was straight out of the ’60s. I found my dress at a local Urban Outfitters and my jean shirt from Target. The dress was perfect because it did have that ’60s print and I had to tie my look together with my usual jean shirt around my waist.

Get My Look: 1. Retro printed dress. 2. Jean shirt. 3. Over-sized sunglasses.