STYLE GURU STYLE: Let's Get Physical

The 1980s were filled with a lot fashion “don’ts,” but its notorious array of neon, spandex and leg warmers are the perfect way to stay fashionable at the gym. Whether you’re a hardcore athlete or just trying to work off that much needed ice cream, follow Olivia Newton-John’s advice and add some much needed color to that pilates class. The ’80s have had a strong resurgence this fall on Loewe’s ready-to-wear runway, and it’s so easy to add a few of these dated colors into your workout wardrobe. While I usually shy away from decades past the Mad Men era, the surprising mobility as well as its bold nature makes this a trend I don’t mind incorporating into my morning jog.

It’s time to get high-waisted. If you’ve ever seen one of those ridiculous home workout videos or even just the music video for “Let’s Get Physical,” you know the ’80s are all about defining that itty bitty waist you’ve been working so hard on. Show some pride with these neon leggings and don’t be afraid to be the brightest in the room.

But you can’t pull off the high-waisted look without showing a bit of midriff. Try a crop top with a built in bra for clean lines and an undeniably ’80s silhouette. You can be a little more lax with color up top, but it is also a decade filled with a “less is more” attitude, so don’t be afraid to double up on neon.

Now add a little flare to your footwear with some bright, floral sneakers. How bright, how loud and how distracting is completely up to you! Try to take a nod from Loewe’s runway by throwing in some electric patterns and a whole lot of attitude! Enjoy your time at the gym in style!

Get My Look: 1. Neon leggings. 2. Crop top. 3. Floral sneakers.