I’m a pretty big fan of minimalism from an aesthetic point of view. Naturally, my dream house has white and gray walls, a black and chrome kitchen and no clutter whatsoever. I would be perfectly happy if I were forced to live in some dystopian universe where everyone wore black, gray or white all the time.

Jil Sander’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection spoke to my love of clean, simple lines and muted colors. The collection featured a litany of dresses, tops, pants and coats with very clean lines in cream, navy, gray and black. There were a few pieces with bright pops of color and crazy patterns that added a small touch of anarchy in an otherwise orderly and straight-laced collection.

My favorite piece from the collection was featured in look 36: a simple black dress with a scoop neck that was worn with a pair of black ankle strap sandals. This look inspired my own interpretation of the collection. My gray maxi dress from Gap perfectly captures the minimalist aesthetic that was prominent in Rodolfo Paglialunga’s designs for Jil Sander. When going for the minimalist look it is important to carry that over to your accessories. My no frills sandals from Dillard’s offered another component for my clean and simple look. The silver toned bracelet that I opted to wear is the perfect piece of jewelry to accompany the no muss no fuss ensemble.

Get My Look: 1. A simple dress in a muted color with a straight silhouette. 2. A simple sandal. 3. A silver toned bracelet.