STYLE GURU STYLE: Lemonade and Fashion

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade and fashion!

Spring is finally here, and nothing screams spring more than a ballon sleeve top with yellow shoes. My outfit is perfect for spring because it’s not too warm but not too light for the cold days we still are having in Michigan.

The top is from Anthropologie and the jeans are from Lucky Brand. In this look, I am also sporting Steve Madden shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses, a clutch from Francesca’s, and a Kendra Scott bangle.

Another thing I love about this outfit is the adorable picture of the lemon on my shirt. The shirt is really soft and warm so it’s almost like wearing pajamas. What makes Anthropologie such a great store is not only does it have a calm and welcoming atmosphere, but its clothes are completely different then what I see in the current trends.

Some of their items have a lot of style while being a little quirky at the same time, and I am crazy about that idea because that is what fashion is all about—taking a step outside of the box.

The jeans I wore are super comfortable. When I wear them, I feel as though I’m wearing leggings, not jeans. As for the accessories, the colors on the pom-poms and the gold bangle really give the look a spring touch. I always see straw clutches on other bloggers and I wanted one so badly, but one day I was lucky and the clutch through the window of Francesca’s and get it for 25 percent off.

I always wanted Kendra Scott jewelry so when my mom bought me this bangle I was stoked. It is one of Kendra’s best pieces and I couldn’t be happier.