A lot of trends in fashion come and go, but there are some that always have a place in fashion. As I was going through some fashion shows, I saw something that really inspired me. I ran across a collection from Zana Bayne spring 2015 where she had an outfit that was mostly leather. Usually, where there is too much leather, it comes across as too much. But it was very different than any other all-leather outfit, and it was very feminine and elegant. A lot of outfits had leather, but this one was very different from all the collection. My favorite part of this outfit was the contrast of the colors.

This look inspired me to create an outfit that you can wear on a day-to-day basis. I chose a leather jacket since in the original look, the  outfit was leather. Another item that goes very well with leather is dark blue jeans. I feel like the colors of the jeans and the jacket complemented each other very well and worked together great. I chose to combine the look with a burgundy-colored shirt to add some warm color to it. I feel that without it, the outfit looks all dark. To break that, I added the burgundy shirt. This broke the two different pieces and added warmth to the whole outfit. The contrast that the color maroon created also made both of the pieces stand out. Another piece of this outfit that added a lot to the whole outfit were the boots. Wearing a leather jacket, it was necessary to wear boots that emphasized and worked together with it.

Get My Look: 1. A leather jacket. 2. A pair of dark blue denim jeans. 3. A pair of black boots.