I bet most of our New Year’s resolutions included going to the gym, eating healthier or losing 5 pounds, which at least for me has not been the case. However, athletic sporty gear is definitely on trend right now, and I will be the first to say: I will dress sporty chic over running a mile any day!

For this sport-themed post, it was only right to choose the Alexandre Vauthier spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. This time, I wasn’t inspired by one look but by the collection as a whole. The collection was shot with American footballers on a field outside of Paris, instead of a white wall backdrop or on a runway like collections uniformly do. This touch by Vauthier is very refreshing and unique. Vauthier also didn’t let his previous designs and pieces succumb to the location or be limited to the theme; he went full out with gowns, blazers and even swimwear.

I, of course, wanted to be on Team Vauthier so I stepped up to the plate and tried to score a touchdown with this look. I had to for sure rock a varsity jacket for this look because 1. varsity jackets are super in right now and 2. they give off that athletic and sport team vibe that I was going for.

Underneath the jacket I wore a jersey inspired, mesh white T-shirt. Like many of my pieces, this shirt is from the men’s section; however, I definitely do think it could be classified as unisex! We all know white and black are my favorite colors to wear (especially together) but I really chose this shirt because it is simple and because the subtle jersey/mesh detailing ties it together perfectly with today’s theme.

Moving down to the bottoms—joggers=life. They are like wearing fashionable sweatpants, and I’m so glad they are trendy right now because they are extremely comfortable, casual and chic, especially with heels. So, I threw on my favorite chunky cheetah heels to add a feminine touch to a more masculine outfit. I love these heels because they have a furry texture and are super rich in color. They stand out just enough to complete the outfit but don’t overpower the ensemble.

Get My Look: 1. Sheer organza varsity jacket. 2. White mesh T-shirt. 3. A similar pair of army green joggers.