STYLE GURU STYLE: Layering With Laces

March 19th, 2015 at 2:00am

These series of fashion weeks have been filled with the most over-the-top creations. I appreciate outrageous designs, but Marissa Webb‘s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection was easy on the eyes and easy to digest. Sometimes, I just need a little break from all of clothes that are too out of this world. Webb introduced army jackets and trenches, dresses and shirt dresses. Each piece down the runway certainly looked effortlessly chic. It whispers simplicity and minimalism but screams contrasting details that are just refreshing to see. Whether it be the fabric or the style of clothing, Webb understood the beauty in putting together opposing items. Sheers against solids or blacks against whites, contrasting elements make for a gorgeous showpiece. She knows the kind of streetwear I like!

Inspired mostly by this specific look, I ran over to my boyfriend’s closet and borrowed one of his white dress shirts as a canvas to my ensemble. Since we are only getting over winter, I decided to wear black leggings. It is almost sheer enough to stay true to my inspiration. The black lace dress I layered under my white shirt dress kept me close to the sweet, soft touch and the ingenious layering of Webb’s designs. It’s also the perfect way to introduce a contrasting detail to my outfit by adding an oversized men’s jacket. Webb also included braids and simple prints into her runway collection which is already part of my usual daily wardrobe. Of course I had to go for braids and a floral print hat. Runway shows that are considered high fashion aren’t too over the top or too out of your reach.

Get My Look: 1. An oversized men’s jacket. 2. A men’s button-down that looks like a shirt dress. 3. A soft, sweet lace dress.