STYLE GURU STYLE: Layering And Parkas

The beginning of a new year is one of my favorite times in the fashion industry. Designers come out with amazing spring and pre-fall collections that always end up blowing people away with the creativity, style and originality that is showcased. The Christian Dior pre-fall 2016 collection really caught my eye. I was really drawn to the coats in almost every look. They were minimalistic, yet still managed to make a statement. I also loved how layering was used in this collection. It gave each look a little something extra.

Taking inspiration from this collection, I decided to layer an outfit in my own way. I combined high-waisted gray ripped jeans with a black and white flannel tied around my waist. This is one of my favorite layering tricks. It represented the pre-fall collection because Christian Dior did use various patterns, like plaid, in some of his looks. On the top, I paired a green T-shirt with a burnt orange parka. I thought this parka really reflected the Dior pre-fall collection because of its large fur collar and asymmetrical relaxed fit.

I know green and orange are two of those colors that you just don’t pair together, but in this look I found it fitting because of their earthy tones. I noticed that many of the looks in the Dior collection had warm tones as well. Another little something I added to make this look my own was a classic black choker necklace. I felt like this accessory would add more personality to my look and give it the edgy look that is so true to me.

Get My Look: 1. Any flannel. 2. A relaxed fit parka. 3. A cropped T-shirt.