It’s mid-August and fall is just around the corner, and with it comes one of the most well-loved and popular trends that has stood the test of time: layers. Layers can add variety and color to an outfit without limiting a Fashionista/o to just one look.

Layers were the main focus of the See by Chloé fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection, which mixed sweaters with button-downs, short-sleeved over long-sleeved and an array of layered styles including jackets and ponchos. What stood out the most in the collection were the looks that layered sweaters over button-downs. These looks in particular can be worn effortlessly with pants or any length skirt, and if it gets a little warm like in this mid-August weather, it’s easy to take off the sweater and wear just the button-down without compromising any part of your overall look.

I adopted the layered look by taking a navy button-down with a pug pattern and layering a thin long-sleeved cropped sweater over it. I chose a simple black skirt to complete the look, which was also inspired by one of the looks in the collection.

I made this look into my own by choosing the more ambitious patterned first layer, as opposed to the collection, which only used single-colored button-downs. By doing this, I intended to draw more attention to the collar of the outfit, the part of the look I find to be the most significant, to allow it to be the standout piece of the outfit.

Whether you are hankering to look sharp running errands during the day, or to look dressy for a night out with friends, the layered look has always got you covered.

Get My Look: 1. Button-down shirt. 2. Long-sleeved sweater. 3. A black skirt.