STYLE GURU STYLE: Lavishly Laced-Up

STYLE GURU STYLE: Lavishly Laced-Up

For my final post of the semester, I decided to showcase a trend that has been everywhere as of late: the lace-up. This has been very popular on many runways. One that particularly inspired me is Givenchy’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear show. It includes many intricate lace-ups and gives me serious style envy. I would love to drop thousands of dollars on a few Givenchy lace-up pieces but, unfortunately, I am a broke college student, as are many of you and that is nearly impossible for me right now. So what does one do? Fake it until you make it! When walking through the mall it’s hard to find something that doesn’t have laces on it. You can easily find Givenchy-esque lace-up pieces without Givenchy-esque price tags.

The lace-up is both cheeky and flattering. It’s the perfect way to show some skin without being too revealing. The lace-up gives one the chance to dabble with some deeper V-necks than usual. It provides the perfect amount of coverage while still maintaining a sexy and mysterious appeal. It is also very versatile. I’ve seen lace-ups on short, skin tight dresses as well as everyday cotton T-shirts. In addition, this style looks great on all body shapes. For all these reasons and more I urge everyone to try a lace-up. I own quite a few and cannot get enough.

I paired this top with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans because they instantly bring an outfit together. For me, blue jeans are an absolute staple piece because they go with everything and will never go out of style. This ensures that you can never have too many pairs and you don’t have to worry about splurging on something that will go out of style…or at least that’s what I tell myself as I purchase my millionth pair.

To accessorize, I kept it simple because I wanted to keep the attention on the lacing of my blouse. I added a floral choker because they are another huge trend this summer and it complements the top well. I decided to go with a stark white purse since the rest of my outfit was quite dark. I was pleased with the pop of color it added, something I usually don’t go for. For the shoes I went with a pair of black wedges because they are classic and I’m 5-foot-2 and can use all of the height I can get.

Get My Look: 1. Lace-up blouse. 2. Skinny Jeans. 3. Black wedges.