STYLE GURU STYLE: Latina and Proud

As a proud Latina, it’s always exciting to hear how designers find inspiration through South American countries when creating their collections. For Valentino’s resort 2017 collection, Cuba was its beautiful muse. The tropical island brought out the best in the collection by bringing a mix of patterns, a plethora of colors and embroidered pieces. The collection had something for everyone. Whether you’re going for a casual, dressy, simple or statement look, Valentino had it! My favorite thing about the collection was its ability to mix and match prints and colors. From floral, tropical dresses to leopard coats and amazingly detailed gowns, Valentino is for sure killing the game!

Inspired by the collection’s floral element and vibrant colors, I decided to go for a simple summer look to represent our Miami weather and the tropical theme in some of the pieces. Slip dresses are a popular trend right now; if you can get a hold of this piece, life will become 10 times easier because they are so easy to wear and dress up. I chose this rose print, lightweight slip dress and paired it with a boxy denim top that I used as a layer. This takes my look from casual to dressy in a matter of seconds.

I also chose a pendant necklace to add a little edginess, and I paired my look with these awesome metallic boots I recently bought from Zara. The pop of red in my dress and the vibrant denim in my top provides a combination of strong colors and gives off a little Latin flavor. Oh—and I can’t forget to add some cute sunglasses to keep my eyes protected from the sun.

Get My Look: 1. Slip dress. 2. Boots. 3. Sunglasses.