Lace and summer are two words that sound wonderful together, don’t they? This summer, don’t wait until it’s too late to get your lace on. It’s all over this summer season, and Elie Saab stormed the runway with her resort 2016 fashion show.

Whether a shirt or a cardigan, adding lace to your wardrobe is a wise choice. For this outfit, I combined a little lace with black pants to make my shirt the center of attention. Although there is only a small hint of lace in my outfit, my shirt adds just the right amount of detail needed for a rocking outfit. In my opinion, lace is always best when the blouse is a cream-like color.

Don’t be afraid to style some lace while showing a little skin. If you’re uncomfortable, just put on some high-waisted pants, and you should be ready to go. Remember to play around with jewelry to add a spark to your outfit, but don’t overdo it because you don’t want to draw too much action away from your lace goodness.

Make your outfit even more summer-like by adding open toe shoes and a hat. Protecting your face with a beautiful hat is a small price to pay to look so chic. To add to the look, I also added a small purse perfect for a night out. If you would like to add sophisticated to this simple outfit, just snap on some heels, and you’re set! I love those heels not only because they are beautiful but also super comfortable! Trust me, this summer, a requirement is to be fashionably comfortable.

This summer, sing it in your head that lace is all you need.

Get My Look: 1. Hat. 2. Criss-cross heels. 3. High-waisted pants.