Elegant, pretty, chic, folkloric—all of these are perfect descriptions of the Chloé spring and summer 2015 ready-to-wear runway show. A couple different trends stood out to me in this particular line that I fell in love with. First up, layers of lace. There’s just something about the design used that makes the lace beautifully subtle, and not over done. Eloquently located structures at the neckline and hemline create lovely flowing garments. Almost in contrast to the lace, Chloé tied in a bohemian vibe to the collection. Oversized silhouettes and sandals create and eccentric look without straying too far back to those flower-power days.

This summer I’ve been drawn to lace. It’s super easy to pull off, and cool for the hotter days ahead. I started my outfit with a great statement neckline lace tank-top. I changed up the runway look a little by adding a little bit of flair. Flared pants that is. These patterned pants can work for so many different occasions and still stay on trend because of the light fabric. To give the combo a little more of a bohemian chic vibe, I added a flat brim hat and leather sandals. Oh, and we can’t forget about jewelry! For an effortless look, like the Chloé spring and summer line, rings are just enough. This little gem of mine encompasses a crystal and turquoise stone bound by a thin copper band. I love light airy color combinations, another reason to love this line. Adding a little of your own style to runway trends is always a fun and shows off your unique personality.

Get My Look: 1. Lace tank top. 2. Patterned pants. 3. Strappy sandals.