This morning I took a detour to class. Sometimes the best place to go is on the road of the unknown, and luckily I was dressed for the occasion.

Getting some inspiration from Michael Kors fall ready-to-wear collection, I paired a fall colored dress and belt with a pair of knee-high lace-up boots to complete the look. Even though it may not be fall yet, there is never a wrong time to wear boots.

My outfit is so simple, yet so comfortable. I know they say never to wear a brown belt with black shoes…but they never said anything about keeping the two colors together! My dress is just a simple shift dress that gave me some shape with a versatile wrap belt. I love the T-shirt dress look, but sometimes it is best to show off your bodies features. A thick belt around the smallest part of your waist is very flattering and I topped it all off with a brown suede pair of boots.

These are most definitely my favorite pair of boots as they were perfect for my short dirt road detour, but are also a great accessory for city street style. Over-the-knee lace-up boots paired with shorts are perfect for a bohemian look, or pair them with a dress and sweater in the fall to give more of an edge to the style. So go ahead, grab a pair of your own and lace ’em up!

Get My Look: 1. A shift dress. 2. A rockin’ pair of boots. 3. A wrap belt.