STYLE GURU STYLE: Knot Your Mama's Necktie Scarf

I’ve always had a flair for ’50s fashion. My inspiration tends to be a mixture of the class of Audrey Hepburn, the grace of Grace Kelly, and the spunk of Marilyn Monroe. I like to tie all these inspirations together with an ascot, one of the biggest staples of this bygone era. So put on some Sinatra, grab your favorite silk scarf, and I’ll tell you how to get the look!

Today’s outfit was brought to you by some Audrey Hepburn style Pinterest surfing! Ever since I can remember, I’ve admired this Hollywood starlet’s ability to make black look eye-catching. It’s all about proper pairings and knowing how to accentuate your figure. I love how this black jumpsuit elongates the leg and flatters the torso with its tight strapless top. For more definition, I am wearing a black leather belt.

Of course the true star of this ensemble is my white and black floral necktie scarf. This one is one I borrowed from my mom, one of my style icons. Yes, I meant what I said about it not being “your momma’s necktie scarf” because it’s my momma’s necktie scarf. I tied it in a double knot around my neck for that ’50s nautical charm. Grace Kelly would be so proud. In the Audrey and Jackie O fashion, I’ve finished off the look with some oversize sunglasses, also keeping up with the black color scheme. These circular ones with a black frame are great for oval shaped faces like mine, or for staying incognito when spotting the 21st century version of Gregory Peck or Cary Grant!

A word to the wise: if you are as nostalgic of retro years as I am, don’t be afraid to revive them in your wardrobe. Putting together a vintage look has the same storytelling power as an old Hollywood motion picture.