There comes a time in all of our lives when we want to take a break from our every day routine and live a little. There are times when we feel like bursting out of our personal bubbles and doing something crazy. Whether it’s splurging and buying that cute pair of pumps you spotted in the mall, trying a new nail polish color or (in my case) owning a new ‘do’ and chopping off your hair, there are times we just want to be bold! That being said, what better time to experiment all things out of the box then during the carefree summer season?

Along with expanding outside of my personal comfort zone I also enjoy experimenting with my personal style. Summer is the perfect time to scavenge through your closet and discover several hidden treasures you probably forgot were even there! Luckily for me, as I aimlessly sorted through my college wardrobe (yes, I am still finding various mystery items from college, sue me!), I happened to stumble upon one of my favorite forgotten pieces: my kimono.

Yes I realize the kimono has been a hot trend for quite some time now, but once I spotted  my bold, watercolor garment at the bottom of my closet, I was flooded with inspiration. One thing I love about kimonos is their wide range of versatility. You can add a kimono to almost any outfit and still achieve a chic look. Kimonos can also be worn during any season. However, my favorite time to rock a kimono is during the summer.

Lindsey Thornburg’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection features several fun summer pieces. Along with the various spotted, printed and floral pieces in her collection, silky and loose garments were also very popular. After scrolling through the loosely fit, color-splashed shirts and kimonos, it was no question I was ready to rock my own version of Thornburg’s line.

I am a woman who loves color. That being said, this eye-popping kimono happens to be my favorite. As you can see, this specific garment was inspired by Japanese flowers. The bright pink and red hues of the flowers pop against the neutral, cream base. Using my loud and colorful kimono as the central piece in my outfit, I kept the rest of my outfit minimal with ripped jeans and a simple cut-off T-shirt. For shoes, I strapped on a pair of peach sandals, complementing the various peach flowers in my kimono. Whether you want to step out of the box and make a statement or keep it simple and reserved this summer, kimonos are a chic and easy way to add personality to any outfit.

Get My Look: 1. A statement kimono. 2. A pair of ripped jeans. 3. Some cool strapped sandals.