STYLE GURU STYLE: Keeping It Casual

I love it when designers mix high fashion with casual wear. Obviously, I adore haute couture as much as any Fashionista/o, but I do think that fashion should be the kind of art that’s both beautiful and practical. This is why I was captivated by the Stella Jean spring 2015 ready-to-wear show. The collection was fun, pretty and youthful—in other words, perfect for college students like us. The collection combined T-shirts, like those you’d wear to a Giants game, with printed maxi dresses. To enhance the spontaneous je ne sais pas look, Stella Jean tied plaid shirts around the models’ waists, over the dresses. It really doesn’t get grungier and more chic than that.

I confess: I wear sweatshirts almost every day to class, but this show demonstrated how to incorporate my slightly lazy NorCal vibe into a classier style. You’ve got to admit, how Stella Jean paired a slouchy T-shirt with colorful and artful prints was ingenious. Those exotic scenes on the prints definitely encouraged my wanderlust and increased my love for colorful outfits. This show gave me so much inspiration with transforming seemingly sloppy items into something stylish.

So here’s my outfit inspired by the show. This is my favorite Pink crew that I bought in a sale. I love its cut and black-and-white contrast, which goes well with my burgundy velvet slip dress. I’ve been trying to wear this dress to class, but its length and lace trim are way too sexy for a morning lecture. Well, the problem is now solved. I’m also wearing a pair of Converse and some nice accessories to complete the look. This show inspired me to wear my everyday uniform differently, and I’m ready to explore more cool combos this semester.

Get My Look: 1. A sweatshirt. 2. A lace-trimmed slip dress. 3. A pair of Converse. 4. Chic accessories.