From the dark gray and brown color schemes, to the chunky cardigans, Michael Kors‘ fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection emphasized the beauty in simplicity. He did not have much pattern or color, other than the basic neutral colors. Although the outfits were primarily in a darker color scheme, they were still playful and feminine because of the flowy skirts and fringe details. The choice of neutral colors made the outfits easier to style with other clothing items. Kors also combined loose-fitting and flowy tops with structured bottoms to achieve a perfect balance.

I was immediately drawn in by the effortless and casual vibe from Kors’ fashion show. In order to achieve the simple look, I layered a denim shirt underneath my oversized knit sweater to bring more structure to the outfit. I then put on a pair of black skinny jeans to balance the loose and slouchy sweater. For my shoes, I opted for a pair of simple black Vans to elongate the length of my legs. I also kept my makeup and hair very natural to emphasize the simplicity in the outfit. Last but not least, I threw on a gold watch and two silver cartilage studs to bring some spark to my overall look.

Most of the outfits featured in Kors’ fashion show leaned more towards the formal and dressy side. As a college student from a huge school, it is impossible to run around campus in a pair of stiletto heels or a fancy A-line skirt. So, I incorporated the simple elements from the show and created a casual everyday outfit.

Get My Look: 1. An oversized sweater. 2. Black jeans. 3. A denim shirt.